Diving Deeper

Tsuwano’s Tangible Cultural Property: Traditional Store of Fundoya Shichiemon


The Fundoya Store (of Tsubaki Family) can be found on the maps of Tsuwano since the Genroku period (1688-1704).

As a purveyor to the government the store was dealing with trading and manufacturing of Japanese candles, fragrant oils (used to make top-knot) and similar goods for the last 22 generations.  In the great fire of 1853 only the earthen walled storehouse remained, and the main house burned down. Gathering and reusing the remaining lumber from the fire, the Fundoya Store was the first building to be rebuilt in the old town area.

The traditional tatami room, center Japanese garden,  open verandah, earthen storehouse and the fact that the building was built in a slight angle to the road all are style element of traditional Edo period (1600-1868) machiya (traditional townhouse). 

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