Diving Deeper

Tsuwano’s Tangible Cultural Property: Traditional House of Zaima Family


Built in 32th year of Meiji (1899), it is one of the representative buildings of merchant mansions in the old town area. The family was at one time operating a Japanese sake and distilled Shou-chuu store. 


The main gate in the Soukeyaki-dukuri style, and the storehouse with thick (earthen) walls that surround the plot of land are proof of a prosperous family. The main building is a 2 storey wooden structure, with large white walls on the side and latticed windows in the center. 


From the entrance a narrow passage leads to the back said of the building. There is also a garden with Mt. Aono as a shakei (borrowed scenery) which can be enjoyed from the main tatami room. There is also a guest toilet at one side of the garden, which was fashionable at the time of the building.

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