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Tsuwano’s Tangible Cultural Property: Former Sake Brewery of Shitamori Family


Shitamori Sake brewery is in the Sabumi area of Tsuwano where the Takatsu River and a side river merges. The Shitamori family was serving the domain as village headman from 12th year of Genroku (1699) to 5th year of Meiji (1872). After the political structure changed, the family started a sake brewery and contributed to the area’s development greatly.

The main gate, the rice storage house and the plaster wall surrounding the front garden are reminisce of the days of the village headman times. The main building is from beginning of Meiji period (1868), with a stylish central garden and paintings (on sliding doors and wood) from the brush of a professional painter. The central garden surrounded by storehouse and the brewery has a 10m high concrete chimney, which is the symbol of the area.


Please bear in mind that these properties are mostly private homes.

We ask you not to enter the garden or the house without prior permission from the owner.


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