Diving Deeper

Tsuwano’s Tangible Cultural Property: Morijuku Art Museum


Former residence of Yoshige family


The Yoshige family served as a merchant and “village headman” for the domain, but also started financial business together with Hori family from Hatagasako. The building and the gate is said to be built in the first year of Meiji period (1868). The main building is a 2 storey wooden structure, with a large packed dirt floor on the northern part and the splendid beams and structure elements exposed above one’s head.

On the second floor, there is a tatami room with a tokonoma alcove, which show the style of a family with the social rank of a village headman.

The gate is a magnificent muna-style (meaning 2 pillar) gate with earthen wall warehouses on both sides.

It is a san-gen-ikkou (三間一戸:さんげんいっこ), meaning a gate with 3 gaps between the (4) pillars, and 1 of them being door. It also has a small gate on the side.

The building is privately owned and is open for the public as an art gallery.

It is said that it was built as a sake brewery.

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