Diving Deeper

Tsuwano’s Tangible Cultural Property: Kyodokan Tsuwano History Museum


Built in 1942 (Shouwa 17), it was one of the first facilities in Japan, to collect and put on display the historical materials and items of a region.


The building is a 2 storey wooden structure with tile roof.  The front has a kirizuma-zukuri style entranceway, with stairs leading up to the entrance hall. These and other features give it a wayou-secchuu style.


The entrance gate is said to be that of the Kusakari clan, a relative of Kamei clan (the domain lord of Tsuwano-domain), relocated from their residence. The guard house and the earthen wall on the side of the gate, the old pine tree standing at the side of the bridge with among other things, bring about an Edo-period atmosphere.

 (wayou-secchuu 和洋折衷 わようせっちゅう:a blending of Japanese and Western styles)

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